About us

Pouyan San’at Nahad is the pioneer of bearing production in Iran and is equipped with the country’s only fully automatic bearing production plant.  Pouyan San’at Nahad has a specialized bearing laboratory that was launched in Shamsabad Industrial Town in 2012 after four years of study. Quality, self-sufficiency and modern expertise make up the pillars of Pouyan San’at mission. This company has been able to obtain quality control certificates from Peugeot, Iran Khodro Industrial Group and SAIPA Automotive Manufacturing Group. It started to sign business deals with domestic automakers as of 2012.


Among the achievements of the company, providing a variety of bearing and a wide variety of products for automobile, as well as after-sales service is like Saypaydk and Issaquah. Supply and demand from the automobile bearing production and after-sales service companies by the company showed that the quality of products, planning to meet the needs of customers and automakers due to their high sensitivity as well as Having resources is appropriate and reflects the knowledge and experience to reduce the need for effective management Drtlfyq industries and is an effective step towards self-sufficiency.



One of the main reasons for the establishment of Pouyan San’at Nahad was the need in the Iranian market for a local producer that woild be able to provide top quality products and at the same time be responsive to customers.  This company is today able to satisfy the demand of the market specifically auto producers and the industries related to this sector.  Furthermore, Pouyan San’at Nahad has managed to set foot in the area of auto spare parts thanks to the abilities of its team of marketing and sales experts.

Products of Pouyan San’at Nahad are today found in the market through the packaging of the Ezam Auto Parts Group as well as the packaging of SAIPA YADAK and ISSACO.


Pouyan San’at production lines are CE certified and are equipped with mechanisms to test and control the quality of bearings during the course of production. They have also been specifically designed to automatically change the diameter of bearings at a constant quality range.  Pouyan San’at production lines are also equipped with a cleaning room that has made it easier to produce high quality bearings.


Pouyan San’at has all the characteristics of a knowledge-based company.  What testifies this are the company’s pledge to recruit local experts, provide them with constant training and also employ the most modern software and specialized equipment.

Apart from quality certificates from Peugeot, Iran Khodro and SAIPA, Pouyan San’at has been able to obtain several other international licenses for the designing and producing bearings like ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 from Germany’s certification company DQS.