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Bearing Dynamic Performance Measuring Machine

High bearing life represents an important factor in achieving customer satisfaction and the quality of products. Therefore, the features of this device to measure the longevity and reliability of the products the company used the ability to regulate, control and record the important parameters such as axial and radial forces, temperature, and vibration cited by computer and PLC.


Wheel Bearing Simulation Test Machine

Due to the high sensitivity of the wheel bearing that in some cars as a safety device and affecting the health of the driver and passengers the ability to control the quality of the components used is essential. This machine can simulate the actual conditions of the vehicle wheel with respect to the forces applied to the bearings in different positions, including winding path, moving with variable speed and the spraying water is regularly updated. All-important parameters such as assembly conditions, the radius of the wheel, forces and torques applied to the bearing and the end of vibration and temperature allowed by the PC and PLC are configured, control is recorded.