The laboratory of Pouyan San’at has the most advanced equipment manufactured by US and European companies.  It fully complies with the requirements of ISO 17025 standard.  The company’s lab provides highly specialized services and is basically meant to reduce the reliance of Iranian industries to laboratory services of foreign companies.  It is hoped that this facility would promote the quality of industrial production in Iran’s auto and non-auto sectors.


Among the services that Pouyan San’at provides include precise dimensional metrology for all sorts of industrial parts as well as specialized bearing tests that measure performance and durability. This facility also has a wheel bearing stimulator which is the first of its kind in Iran.


The laboratory of Pouyan San’at has provided the possibility for cooperating with other industries over joint research projects, specifically regarding bearings. To the same effect, similar research projects have been conducted with the laboratories of Iran Khordo, SAPCO and SAPIA.