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Bearing Axial/Redial Clearance Measuring Instrument

Because the axial and radial clearance, including factors affecting the level of vibration and bearing life, Measurements by using the most advanced devices and by enabling dynamic test is performed in accordance with world standards. The computer-assisted devices using specialized software allows planning and control at the time the test is created. The accuracy of these devices is 0.1μm.

Bearing Noise & Vibration Measuring Instrument

One of the main causes of customer dissatisfaction are bearing noise sound when rotating. This device is one of the most intelligent multifunction devices measure the amount of vibration and noise in the bearing that use computers and the ability to analyze information processing possible cause abnormal noise and vibration to be provided by each of the bearing components. Among the features of this device is capable of measuring the velocity and acceleration with 0.1Hz resolution is 0.1dB precision.

Hardness Tester

Measure the hardness of parts and Take control with high precision are the important factors in ensuring the quality of the bearing.. The device is made in Austria and one of the most advanced measuring devices capable of measuring hardness on different levels, including levels of spherical and cylindrical.

Bearing Outer & Inner Ring Running Accuracy Measuring Instrument

The accuracy of time (limp) is one of the important parameters in order to show the quality of bearings and precision in the production process Which if not controlled can have a dramatic effect in reducing the lifetime and increased noise during operation. This device is capable of monitoring and processing by computers and specialized software allows measure the inner and outer rings limp on the final product based on ISO. The accuracy of this device is 0.1μm.