The laboratory allows the measurement of all parameters, dimensions and high precision engineering ….

Multi-Sensor Metrology Instrument

This Device is among the newest and most advanced video measurement equipment in the world is that in addition to having the ability to measure as CMM, equipped with a video camera to measure the VMM is very accurate. The device is made in the United States for the first time in the industry PSN Company Laboratory is operated. Integration of CMM with a measurement method of video measurement system to one of the most effective ways of the world to raise the capability and accuracy of measurement. The accuracy of this device is 0.1μm.



This device made in Germany and because of having first motorized and programmable sensor in Iran able to measure all geometric tolerances such as roundness, limp axial and radial cylindrical and, parallel, orthogonal, angle, indeed, elements of both the center, …The accuracy of this device is 0.01μm.


Tesla Meter

The device can be used to help the residual magnetic bearings and measured other parts. The accuracy of this device is the 0.1Gauss, 0.01mT.


Contour & Roughness Tester

With this device can measure roughness Tester and shape of objects simultaneously and environmental standards required by the customer’s measurements. The results and reports obtained from this device is available in various formats including CAD, which can be a very useful tool used in reverse engineering projects. This device is made in Germany and the accuracy of the measurement device to measure the surface roughness is 2 nm and environmental piece is 0.01μm.


Universal Length Measuring Instrument

This device is made in Germany and one of the most precise measuring devices that are used in reference laboratories and calibration of the features of this device include the ability to Capacity coefficient of thermal expansion measurements pieces and the possibility of making reference samples measured in the laboratory of PSN. The accuracy of this device is 0.01μm.